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Some simple guidelines to ensure a great stay!  Please help us keep this cottage the way you received it. 


All rule/policy obligations are at the discretion of management.  Management reserves the right, at management's discretion, to terminate the rental at any time for violations or abuse of said properties or policies.

Check-in and Check-out/Rental Schedule 

Rentals typically start on a Saturday and end on a Saturday, whether it's one week, two weeks, or 4 weeks (essentially a month).  You need to call if you would like to alter that schedule, and we would only consider it in our Quiet or Summer Season (no promises, there are many factors we consider to allow a change that will break up our schedule rhythm).  Our Check-in time is 4:00 pm, and our check-out time is 10:00 am.  We will greet you upon check-in and give you a property overview.  We will try to get you in at 3:00, but if the unit requires additional love, we reserve the right to delay check-in until 5:00.  We will not unnecessarily hold you from entering the property.

Fees and Cancellations


A damage Policy is applied to all rentals.  This covers most damage (unintentional, as determined by our staff). You are responsible for any and all damage over $500.  

A non-refundable cleaning fee of $170.00 is applied to your rental.  We ask you to clean the cottage with the understanding that a cleaning service will be in after your rental. (Please gather all used towels/sheets and place in the shower, wipe counters and straighten up, throw out all food and trash, and make sure dishes are (at least) in the dishwasher.

A tax of 7% for the State of Florida and Charlotte County Tourist Development Tax of 5% is added to your rental.  This tax is mandated and is in addition to your rental.


Cancellations, in writing to our email 61 days or more before the first day of your rental, will result in a 100% return of rental fee (less 5%).  Phone cancellations are not accepted.  Cancellation must be via email.

Cancellations 60 days to 30 days before the first day of your rental, 50% refund (less 5%).   Cancellations 29 days or less, NO REFUND.  We will, however, make every effort to book some/all of your canceled time and refund appropriate fees, but it's just effort.  There are no guarantees.  Weather and Red Tide are not an exception for cancellation unless the State or County issues an evacuation order for Manasota Key specifically.


Additional Policies


Ring cameras are used for outside monitoring of all cottages.  This is for your security and our protection, primarily when the unit is NOT supposed to be occupied.   There are no cameras inside any unit, nor can any cameras see inside.  They are only positioned at the entrance to the cottages and are clearly visible to you.  By disclosing these cameras you acknowledge 1780 Gulf Blvd, Units G1, G2, G3 have outside cameras and release and waive any potential claims based on privacy relating to/from or arising out of the use of these cameras.  


Our dedicated secure Wifi works very well for all streaming services (200 Mbps).  It is your responsibility to sign in/out to your accounts (Netflix, Disney, Etc)

Please return beach chairs and bikes to their respective breezeways after each use, 


These cottages are non-smoking.  No smoking anywhere on the premises, please, except outside in the parking lot (not the yard). You will be evicted immediately without refund.   Please inform your guests, as the eviction is not exempted by their behavior.


The renter must be 25 years old or older to rent.  The renter must be on the property for the entire duration of the rental.  


Pets are not allowed.  You will be evicted immediately without refund if pets are in your unit or on the property.  Please inform guests, as the eviction is not exempted by their behavior.  If they bring a pet, you can collect the confiscated rent from them.  Registered Medical Service Dogs with Papers  (required paperwork with verifiable proof) may be allowed to enter the property.


Due to Charlotte County Restrictions, no large groups or parties (more than 8) are currently allowed.  All family, friends, and guests must be listed on the contract.  Inform your guests to inform you before arrival.  Failure to do so may lead to eviction.

While we understand you want perfect weather, it is the tropics.  We don't charge more for perfect weather, and we don't charge less if there are storms.  There are no cancellations due to red tide or weather.   


Noise needs to be kept to a minimum before 8 am and after 9 pm.

Any damage caused during your stay as a result of you or your guests, invited or otherwise, are the responsibility of the signed renter(s) and must be immediately paid in full.  Please read your contract, as it releases all liability of the property owner for the rental unit, property use, personal injury, etc.

The laundry room is free for renters to use (available 8-8 ONLY).  Please clean up after yourself.  Any laundry left in the room or washer/dryers may be removed after 1 hour if unattended.   Laundry abandoned after your rental expires will be donated to a local charity if not claimed within 10 days.

Management reserves the right to alter/cancel these rules with 24 hour notice


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